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The MJHS Peer Counselors recently visited all of our elementary schools to share anti-bullying and positive student behavior lifeline lessons.  Curriculum content of the various, grade level appropriate lessons included things such as friendship, respect, tolerance, and kindness.  Peer Counselor teams were responsible for preparing the content and leading the lesson.  Some groups gave presentations, others played games, some used music, but each team had interactive experiences with students throughout our district.

Mrs. Beddingham, one of the Peer Counselor mentors, shared that students would board the bus and debrief each visit during the ride back to school.  "Students discussed what went well, what could be improved upon for the next visit, but more importantly discussed how each visit impacted them and fueled their passion to continue this work!  The students were especially excited to go back and visit their elementary buildings and teachers and look forward to sharing these very important messages with our younger students."  

Be sure to ask your elementary student about what they learned when their friends from MJHS came to visit!

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