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UPDATE: Walk to Water Event - Progress in Rwanda!

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In the fall, MJHS 7th grade students had a service project to better understand the plight of clean water access in Africa to wrap up a cross-curricular study in Science, Language Arts, and Social Studies. Students embarked on a 3 mile 'Walk for Water' to simulate the difficulty most people in Africa have in getting clean water. Students sought out donations and raised $677 and the money raised from this service project was given to Habitat for Humanity worker, Allen Manning, who travels the world working on building projects.   

FullSizeRender 3Mr. Manning is currently in Rwanda and is sharing the wealth of our project with the children in the area. He exchanged the $677 US dollars for Rwandan Franc bills worth $620,000 in the local currency.

He and his teammates began by selecting eight titles of children's books written in IMG 3693the local language. They spent $500 and got 240 books which will be dispersed into three libraries in different and new locations. 

They had additional plans for the remaining funds and will update us with additional photos as they complete purchases! Mr. Manning plans a visit back to MJHS upon his return home to tell us all about his trip!

This has been an excellent learning opportunity for our students to see how learning and service to others plays a role in touching lives a world away, as well as, right here at home.  Our students are always looking for opportunities to help others in need!

Stay tuned as we continue to share our adventures in Rwanda!  Thanks Mr. Manning for helping us make this a reality!  
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