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MJHS School Counselors in the SPOTLIGHT!

IMG 2783Congratulations to MJHS Counselors Ms. Betsy Sullivan and Mr. David Campbell who have been selected to present at this year's Indiana School Counseling Association Fall Conference!

 Ms. Sullivan and Mr. Campbell will present a session at the conference in Indianapolis on Friday, November 4, 2016 entitled, "Careers, Community Partners, and Kids: How we make the annual Jefferson County Career Fair interesting to our students and relevant to our community."

There are three goals for the presentation:
1. How they incorporate the school counseling competencies for career standards
2. How to collaborate with and engage numerous community partners
3. How they organize a great career day

Additionally, they will focus on how they utilize Indiana Career Explorer and the Holland Code Careers to organize students into groups. The keynote speaker will discuss how to talk with middle school students about the importance of "soft skills".

For the 2016 Career Day, each student completed the Indiana Career Explorer assessment and was assigned codes for what types of occupations they showed an interest and aptitude.  We are thankful to our ever-expanding list of community professionals and leaders who come and spend the morning with our students to share insight into their area of specialty.  

Areas of interest included: 
  • Conventional--Prefer structured business situations involving data analysis, finance, planning and organizational tasks. Value efficiency and order.
  • Realistic--Prefer practical, hands-in, physical activities with tangible results. Prefer building, fixing, repairing objects, or mechanical things, or working outside.
  • Investigative--Prefer to solve problems involving science or engineering related subjects. Curious about the physical world and why and how it works. Enjoy intellectual challenges and original or unconventional attitudes.
  • Artistic--Prefer unstructured situations involving self-expression of ideas and concepts through different artistic medium such as art, music, theatre, film, or multi-media or writing.
  • Social--Prefer direct service or helping opportunities involving advising, counseling, coaching, mentoring, teaching, or group discussion. Drawn to humanistic or social causes.
  • Enterprising--Prefer business situations involving persuasion, selling, or influence, enthusiastic, energetic, assertive, and self-confident. Drawn to management, leadership or marketing roles.
Congratulations and THANK YOU Ms. Sullivan and Mr. Campbell for making MJHS a great place to be!
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